3361 Leonard Street Northwest | Grand Rapids, MI 49534

3361 Leonard Street Northwest | Grand Rapids, MI 49534


We are continually improving our processes and those in the entire value chain to reduce our cycle times. This gets your sharpened tools back to you sooner than the competition, thereby enabling you to reduce your inventory investment.

We are are able to provide quick turnarounds (or have shorter cycle times) since:

  • We have a strategic relationship with a key coating supplier that provides one day turnaround for coated tools.
  • We, along with our supplier, can help identify the coating that works best for your specific applications.
  • Our desire is to develop working partnerships with you, our customer, in order to tailor a sharpening and replenishment program that works with your strategic objectives.

Accurate Regrinding can increase your cash flow with:

  • Quality sharpening saving you from having to purchase new tooling as frequently
  • Shorter cycle times, helping you lower your inventory of expensive tooling
  • Our ability to help you analyze excessive tool wear

If you would like to learn more about Accurate Regrinding Service please contact us here or call us at 616.791.8995.

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